iMetry - Specification - Geiger Counter/Spectrometry (Spectrometer,Spectroscopy) for iPad

Spectrometry Geiger counter iMetry Specification (iMR3 A211 OoMER1)

AccessoriesUSB cable(microB to A), audio cable (mini-jack 2 contacts to 4 contacts, rough calibration sheet)
Power supply
Operating voltage
USB power supply(DC 3.3-5V)
Current consumption26.5mA
Sensor unitPhoton Counter (MPPC) and CsI(Tl) Scintillator
Detectable radioactive ray typeGamma ray
Gamma dose range0.001μSv/h - 10μSv/h *1*3
Sensitivity6000 cpm/(μSv/h) *2
Energy range<200 keV ~ 2000< keV *2
Operating temperatureRoom temperature (no condensation), recommended operating temperature is 77°F.
SizeW25.0mm × H25.1mm × D53.3mm(Without projection)
Closure materialAluminum engraved

  • 1 This gamma dose range does not mean equipment limitation. And lower limit does not mean MDA. This highest dose range is due to the dose error by rough provided rough calibration.
  • 2 These performance parameters are vulnerable to individual difference and individual calibration condition of sensor modules.
  • 3 Energy compensation is not executed yet. Right now, provided calibration sheet is arranged to fit to background radiation value, cesium 134/137 radiation would be under estimated around 30%. This issue is not hardware issue, but would be resolved by some future software release.

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