iMetry - Geiger Counter Spectrometry (Spectrometer,Spectroscopy) for iPad

iMetry system is low cost but extreme sensitive pocket-size moblie gamma ray spectrometry, scintillation geiger counter, radiation detector system specialized for I131/Cs134/137 survey, using iPad. Its extra ordinal sensitivity and ease of use, will fully satisfy simplified radiation measurement needs, and it's one of must have item to survive this age. More important thing is, iMetry is affordable and portable and easy to use. You can hold in your bag, or have your own in your bookshelf, and you can prepare for the dooms day. You can check spectrum instantly by your self. iMetry provide some helps to decide yourself whether if you need to evacuate right now or not. iMetry would also helps you to decide when you can be back. Let's prepare for the future now. To make it work together, iMetry system requires iMetry: the detector module itself, iPad, its special dedicated application: iMetry, and external micro-B USB power supply.

iMetry - Geiger Counter/Spectrometry (Spectrometer,Spectroscopy) for iPad 

iMetry - Geiger Counter/Gamma Spectrometry

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