iMetry - Overview - Personal Gamma Spectrometry(Spectrometer,Spectroscopy) & Geiger counter


When iMetry detects radiation, iMetry outputs analog pulse corresponding to the energy of the radiation. Connect iMetry to headphone/mic mini jack of iPad with included audio cable, start measurement in the iPad application, application will record pulses. As a geiger counter, measures radiation counts(cpm) and ╬╝Sv/h meanwhile as a spectrometry compiles radiation energy spectrum.
Please don't forget to input instant calibration parameters, attached within iMetry package, before making use.

Before Getting Started

iMetry, the detector module is made by extreme super analog circuit, nothing digital, made by extreme super analog technology, and quite sensitive sensor module, so, we call it as pickup unit. it's just like turntable pickup unit. If you understand that, you can make use of it efficiently. The sensor circuit itself is quite sensitive to thermal drift, and thermal drift is compensated by analog electronic circuit, but make sure, before making use, to ensure temperature stability of the equipment environment, so as not to cause thermal drifting, because, temperature gradient cannot be compensated, so as to make it work, temperature compensation circuit, equipment should be placed in the same temperature environment, and power supply should be supplied before usage, to realize thermal equilibrium.


  • Power LED - Green LED lights up when power is supplied.
  • Detection LED - Flashes at brightness corresponding to the energy of detected radiation.
  • micro USB - Used to supply power to iMetry(DC 3.3-5V)
  • 3.5mm Audio port - Outputs analog pulses, corresponding to the energy of detected radiation.

Power supply

iMetry works on commonly-used micro-B USB power supplies.
It takes more than 3 minutes from power up to stabilization of radiation sensor. Please wait a few minutes before you start measurement, for accuracy.
When powered up, iMetry starts to detect radiation, red LED flashes at brightness corresponding to the energy of detected radiation.
When power is pulled out, LEDs may flash, but not due to radiation detection.
AC power supply
Mobile phone charger
You can use chargers cell phone and smart phone chargers with iMetry, but note for followings.
  • Some chargers, like ones with 3 AA batteries, may not supply power properly due to chargers' protection circuit.
    • In that case, pull out the charger connector from iMetry, wait awhile and try again.
  • When chargers run out of battery, iMetry may detect extraordinarily huge cpm value with red LED on, but that's not due to radiation detection.
    • Please replace batteries and try measuring again.

Storage and handling precautions

  • As iMetry make use of delicate potentiometers and sensors, dropping or high impact may cause its adjustment change.
  • No Wet. If water drops on iMetry, please wipe it off as soon as possible.
  • Do not keep iMetry in following locations.
    • Under direct sunlight
    • Around water place
    • In high humidity
    • High(over 60 deg C) temperature (near heating or on a car dashboard)
    • Extreme cold (refrigerator or outside in winter)

Operating precautions

  • Please note followings when you operate.
    • Operate iMetry on non-conductive surface, such as desks.
    • Please operate iMetry indoors, air-conditioned room temperature environment. (Though iMetry equips thermal correction circuit, iMetry cannot follow rapid temperature change.)
    • Please operate iMetry in quiet, vibration-free location.
  • For more accurate simplified measurement, it is preferable to keep room temperature, conduct simplified calibration (parameter change) for energy with standard radiation source, for dose with standard radiation source and calibrated dosimeter respectively prior to operation.
  • iPhone and iPad works fine with iMetry, but please avoid some Pocket Wifi routers and other electronic devices, which emits radio-wave or electric noise.
  • Friction between iMetry closure and metal objects may cause noise and disturbance in measurement. Please put iMetry in a plastic bag on measurement, to avoid direct friction.
  • Please plug audio and USB connectors firmly, as halfway plugging may cause noise detection.
  • It requires long measurement in shielded environment to detect low-dose samples, as radiation dose rate go along Poisson distribution.
  • When you plug in audio cable, iMetry may count noise and flash LEDs, as a result of iPad's behavior, such as switching input device, that's not due to radiation detection.
  • Unplugging iMetry side of audio cable may cause detection of pulses as high as 3000cpm, that's not due to radiation detection.
  • Likewise, unplugging iMetry side of power cable may cause detection of pulses as high as 3000cpm, but that's not due to radiation detection, either.

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